Start of the project “Digital cultural and historical heritage of Plovdiv Municipality”

The project “Digital cultural and historical heritage of Plovdiv Municipality”, financed by the Program BG08 “ Cultural heritage and contemporary arts”, a Financial mechanism of the European Economic Area is intended on digitalization of the movable and immovable cultural and historic heritage of the funds of the most important cultural institutions on the territory of the Municipality of Plovdiv- The National library “Ivan Vazov”, The Regional historic museum-Plovdiv, The Regional historic museum, The Regional archeological museum, The Municipal institute “The old Plovdiv” and the City art gallery-Plovdiv. Together with the Municipality of Plovdiv, cultural institutions will accept the challenge and will head for a great adventure, i.e. digitization of the numerous cultural objects of Plovdiv; digitalization, which at the time of the application is not made in such a mass character in the Municipality of Plovdiv – 50 000 objects of the valuable cultural and historical heritage of Plovdiv Municipality;10% of the digitized objects will be part of the Romany culture.

In the framework of the project, will be built two digital centers and four mobile digital stations, which will digitize the immovable heritage. The one digital center will be located in the building of the National library “Ivan Vazov”-Plovdiv, and the other one in the center of the old town of Plovdiv – on 10 “Tsanko Lavrenov” Str. The project has also have a strong innovative character, as there will be organized an ethnographic expedition in Romany residential districts in order to document Romany cultural objectsan expedition that is not done so far at the territory of the city of Plovdiv. Respectively, the numerous Romany customs and traditions will be documented for the future generations. For the purpose of the digitization will be appointed a team of fourteen experts– seven expertsCultural and historic heritage, seven experts “Digitization”. The contract for the grant was signed by the Mayor of Plovdiv – Ivan Totev on 29.04.2015 in the office building of the Program Operator of the Program BG08 “Cultural heritage and contemporary arts” –The Ministry of Culture, as the total value of the grant is 586, 778.77 euros.